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How To Sign Up for Monthly Email Updates from the CAPC Parasite Prevalence Maps

Are parasites active in your hometown? Is your pet at risk of becoming infected or infested by parasites? The best way to stay informed of the parasite activity in your county, state or the entire country is to sign up for an automatic Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) Parasite Prevalence Map email updates. The sign-up process is extremely easy. Just follow the example below.

Step 1 - Decide What Species and Disease You Want to Track

In this example, I have a dog and am located in Portland, Maine. I have heard a lot about Lyme disease and I am getting worried. In addition to talking to my veterinarian, I want to see for myself how many positive cases are turning up each month. Therefore, I am going to sign up for a monthly Lyme disease update for Portland, Maine.

The CAPC Parasite Prevalence Maps go down to the individual county level. Portland, Maine is in Cumberland County. So in this demonstration, I will sign up for updates on Lyme disease in dogs in Cumberland County, Maine.

Step 2 – Navigate to Your Disease and Location

This step is very intuitive. Once I have decided on the species (dog) and parasitic disease (Lyme disease) I want updates on, I simply follow the map prompts to get to that area on the map.

In the first prompt, the maps ask me to choose a category. I select “Tick-Borne Disease Agents” since Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks.












In the second prompt, I am asked to choose one of three tick-borne disease agents. In this example, I select “Lyme”.












In the third prompt, I am asked to choose an animal. I select “Dog” to see how many dogs are infected in the county.












Once I click on “Dog”, I am taken to the view of a prevalence map of canine Lyme disease in the United States. This is too broad for me. I want to know how at risk my dog is. I want more specific data in my updates. What I need to do now is navigate down to the specific county I need – Cumberland County, Maine.













The first step is to click on the state of Maine in the map. This takes me to the screen below that shows the outline of the state of Maine and asks me to “Click here to view the state of Maine county data”.













I now have a view of the counties in the state of Maine and their relative parasite prevalence. To see the name of the county, I simply move my cursor over each one and the name appears like this.













Now that I have found Cumberland County, I simply click on that county and then see the following screen.












This is my destination on the map. I have now successfully navigated to the disease, species and location data I need. The map shows the data for that county on the right-hand side. I can see the number of dogs tested, the number of positive cases and the percentage of dogs that tested positive for the year. After reviewing this data, I decide to move forward and sign up for automatic monthly email updates. I want to see what is going on each month.

Step 3 – Sign Up for Updates

This is the easiest step of all. To complete this step, I first click on the button that says “Get Updates”. It is clearly marked with a red circle in the image below.












After I hit the button, a box comes up that says “Subscribe to receive updates on Lyme Disease in Cumberland County, State of Maine”. This is exactly what I want so I enter my email address in the box and hit the “Subscribe” button.













A box now appears that says “Thank you for subscribing to CAPC’s Parasite Prevalence Maps”. Success! I am now registered to receive monthly email updates on Lyme disease in dogs in Cumberland County, Maine.













And to confirm that I was successful, I receive the following email in my inbox.















I will now receive updates each month unless I cancel this subscription.

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