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Roundworm Overview Detailer

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  • Roundworms are the most common parasite in cats and dogs, even among well cared for pets.
  • Roundworm eggs are very hardy and long-lived in the environment. Preventing egg shedding through early and year-round administration of broad-spectrum parasite control is critical to prevent environmental contamination.
  • One species of roundworm can produce about 200,000 microscopic eggs per day!
  • Roundowrm is a parasite with the potential to infect humans and is most common in children.  Infection occurs from ingestion of larvated eggs in the environment. When ingested by humans, larvae from roundworm eggs then migrate to organs such as the liver or lungs, to the eye or even the brain, and can cause disease.

Download the CAPC Roundworm Overview Detailer to learn more about roundworm infection and how you can protect your pets and family from this parasite.

CAPC also offers a monthly Top 10 Cities Report to alert pet parents, veterinarians, and pet-related service providers about U.S. metropolitan areas experiencing the highest percent increases in positive hookworm tests.  Click here to see if your city made the Top 10.

Category: CAPC Guidelines and Resources