Health Tips

Ten Tips To Protect Your Family

  1. Wash your hands well after any exposure to soil (gardening), sandboxes and raw meat.
  2. Eat only well-cooked meat.
  3. Wash fresh fruits and vegetables to eliminate contamination.
  4. Have a spouse, partner or friend change the litter box. If changing the litter is unavoidable, change it daily. Be certain to wash hands well after changing the litter.
  5. Supervise infants sitting on the ground or on the floor. Do not allow them to eat dirt or food that has fallen.
  6. Pick up dog and cat feces from the yard daily.
  7. Cover sandboxes and play areas to prevent wildlife and strays from contaminating these areas.
  8. Take your pet to the veterinarian regularly and have your pet tested for parasites at least yearly.
  9. Deworm your cat or dog per your veterinarian’s recommendations.
  10. Administer year-round products to help control Toxocara infections and other products as directed by your veterinarian to control other parasites.

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