November 7, 2012

CAPC Lyme Disease Forecast Viewed By Millions Nationwide

Winter temperatures do not mean automatic insulation for pets and people from the risk of infection from ticks. That’s why the CAPC issued the 2012 Fall Forecast on Lyme Disease urging pet owners across the country to ask their veterinarians about year-round flea and tick prevention, as well as Lyme Disease vaccinations in high-risk areas.

The CAPC 2012 Fall Forecast, delivered by Dr. Susan Little, parasitologist, Oklahoma State University, and Dr. Chris Carpenter, executive director, CAPC, was issued via live satellite uplink on October 4, airing on hundreds of stations across the country and reaching more than 10 million viewers. The Forecast was featured on The Weather Channel and continues to be featured as an NBC syndicated news story throughout the network. As the leading resource on parasitology for the veterinary profession, the CAPC plans to continue to issue parasite forecasts through their unique partnership with predictive modeling experts at Clemson University.